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ELIXR NMN & Resveratrol Powder

ELIXR NMN & Resveratrol Powder

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Take 1 scoop once daily mixed with your favorite (non-alcoholic) cold beverage or smoothie as a dietary supplement or as recommended by a healthcare professional.

TQ 5 Point Testing Program

Every Toniiq product lot is third-party tested for:

✔ Microbiology and Presence of Heavy Metals in Raw Material

✔ Assay of Active Ingredient in Raw Material

✔ Assay of Active Ingredient in Finished Product

✔ Fill Weight in Finished Product

✔ Microbiology and Presence of Heavy Metals in Finished Product

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For Longevity & Healthy-Aging

Powerful anti-aging properties

For Brain Support & Cognition

Supports healthy brain function

For Heart Health

Works to support heart health and cardiovascular function

The Ingredients That Matter

Our Elixr powder is engineered to promote healthy aging and longevity, containing a
synergistic blend of highly purified NMN powder, Resveratrol, and trimethylglycine for
methylation support. Each 2500mg serving gives you 1000mg of NMN, 1000mg of
Resveratrol, and 500mg of trimethylglycine, all at a minimum 98% purity.

1000mg NMN per Serving

1000mg Resveratrol per Serving

Trimethylglycine for Methyllation

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ELIXR NMN & Resveratrol Powder