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ELIXR NMN & Resveratrol Powder

ELIXR NMN & Resveratrol Powder

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Take 1 scoop once daily mixed with your favorite (non-alcoholic) cold beverage or smoothie as a dietary supplement or as recommended by a healthcare professional.

TQ 5 Point Testing Program

Every Toniiq product lot is third-party tested for:

✔ Microbiology and Presence of Heavy Metals in Raw Material

✔ Assay of Active Ingredient in Raw Material

✔ Assay of Active Ingredient in Finished Product

✔ Fill Weight in Finished Product

✔ Microbiology and Presence of Heavy Metals in Finished Product

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For Longevity & Healthy-Aging

Helps maintain cellular health and promote anti-aging

For Brain Support & Cognition

Supports healthy brain function

For Heart Health

Supports cardiovascular function

The Ingredients That Matter

Our Elixr powder is engineered to promote healthy aging and longevity, containing a
synergistic blend of highly purified NMN powder, Resveratrol, and trimethylglycine for
methylation support. Each 2500mg serving gives you 1000mg of NMN, 1000mg of
Resveratrol, and 500mg of trimethylglycine, all at a minimum 98% purity.

1000mg NMN per Serving

1000mg Resveratrol per Serving

Trimethylglycine for Methyllation

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ELIXR NMN & Resveratrol Powder