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Pronunciation : ˈtɑː.nɪk

English translation : tonic

Definition : Something that invigorates or strengthens

Our History

“Toniiq”, pronounced 'tonic', is an homage to the two Parisian fathers of modern botanical chemistry, Pierre-Joseph Pelletier and Joseph Bienaimé Caventou. The duo were the very first to isolate bioactive compounds (like caffeine) from plants.


Pierre and Joseph successfully isolated pure quinine from the bark of the Andean cinchona tree, becoming the first extracted bioactive compound ever, and the first bioactive compound used successfully against an infectious disease.


Large-scale use of quinine is produced and deployed as a treatment for malaria, catalyzing the creation of what many believe to be the very first use of modern medicine. In a few years, Quinine will also (coincidentally) become a main ingredient in modern day Tonic water.


Toniiq is founded on the principle of highly concentrated bioactive compounds, and launches its first ultra high potency reishi mushroom product designed for potent liver support and an easier morning after a night out.


In an effort to raise the bar in ingredient testing and documentation throughout the industry, Toniiq launches it’s “TQ Five Point Testing Program”, where randomized third-party testing and lot level Certificate of Analysis for every batch is published.